Professional Consultants

Thierry Pardo (PhD Education)

The father of two boys, Thierry Pardo has long been interested in alternative modes of education outside of school. He is an independent researcher associated with the Center for Research in Education and Training in Environment and Eco-Citizenship at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

He was a member of the socio-scientific committee of the World Environmental Education Congresses (Marrakech 2013, Gothenburg 2015) and was a member of the Canada Research Chair in Environmental Education for four years under the supervision of Lucie Sauvé. Thierry Pardo was also a trainer for the European Union Youth Commission.

Author of ten books, he now devotes himself entirely to writing, conferences and training across the French-speaking world. In his spare time, Thierry Pardo also teaches Aikido.

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Lu Emanuel

Lu has spent over twenty years teaching and working with children. She taught English, math, economics and computer skills to learning disabled children in Montreal, Canada from 1985 to 2000.

Lu has worked in three child centered holistic learning environments. One of these was part of an intentional community near Kingston, Ontario (Dandelion Community) where she created a child-centered homeschooling program for the children resident in the community. Lu’s second endeavour was Upattinas School in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. In 2001 and 2002, she acted as the school’s co-director and administrator, as well as teaching some of the school’s students and working with homeschooled children through an outreach program at Upattinas.

Her third alternative educational project was at Petite l’Ecole Alternative des Cantons de l’Est (P.E.A.C.E. School) in Fulford, Quebec, created by Melanie Whitham. Lu was part of the educational team and acted as the school’s administrator.

Now retired, Lu spends as much time as she can among the trees of her mountainside home in southern Quebec. She is also an intuitive counsellor, poet, singer/songwriter, photographer, and an amateur botanist.