How We Operate

Champ Libre is committed to providing a rich, diversified, stimulating, and open-minded environment to its young people. This environment encourages and fosters self-confidence, autonomy, responsibility, tolerance and respect for individual and collective differences (most notably for different learning styles and rhythms).

Champ Libre operates in a non-sectarian, healthy, and secure space (physically, psychologically, and socially), with a focus on quality of life, cooperation, self-discovery, sharing, empathy, fellowship, and creating warm human relations.

Free from the pressures of performance, evaluation, and output, Champ Libre concentrates on the essential components for creating a natural and caring learning environment.

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The Benefits of Champ Libre

Our space offers some wonderful perks, such as:

  • a bilingual environment
  • a half-acre of land for play 
  • an awesome hill to sled on in the winter
  • a large room upstairs for group activities (including yoga, meditation, tai chi, hip-hop, etc.)
  • abundant writing and art supplies as well as many books (in English and French)
  • diverse games (including cooperative games)
  • an array of musical instruments, including a piano, guitars, congas and other percussion instruments
  • the possibility to accompany kids in their desire to read, write, and do arithmetic

Adult Facilitators

Adult facilitators at Champ Libre are available at all times to serve as educational, artistic, creative, and emotional resources. They participate actively in the daily life of the centre and are present to answer questions to the best of their abilities. 

They support the development of young people’s projects by putting the proper materials at their disposal and by inviting artists, specialists, and tradespeople from the region to act as mentors and to nourish and support children’s interests and passions.


The Nitty-Gritty

Champ Libre is an educational alternative for kids aged 5-17. The center operates as a non-profit organization, therefore, parents can claim all attendance fees at the end of the year by submitting a Relevé 24 with their tax return. A Relevé 24 applies to any service that allows at least one parent to work or study full-time.

The percentage reimbursed is calculated based on a family's annual income (in the same way as daycare fee reimbursement is calculated).

Attendance fees are as follows: 

Annual membership (payable every month), from September until end of June:

  • 4 days per week: 

$5,000 / year (1st child) ($500 per month) 

$4,750 per year (2nd child +) ($475 per month) 

  • 3 days per week:

$4,000 / year (1st child) ($400/month)

$3,750 / year (2nd child +) ($375/month)

  • 2 days per week: 

$3,000 per year (1st child) ($300 per month) 

$2,750 per year (2nd child +) ($275 per month) 

A summer camp will be offered in the month of July and will be billed separately. The camp will be eligible for advance daycare payments.  We will be closed during the month of August. 

The center is open from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.